From Ikea Billy to Built-in Bookcase Awesomeness

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Yes, I am one of them. Like every Pinner of this world, I did pin some of this awesome looking build-in bookcase with cheap Ikea Billy bookcases.

I always dreamed of having a good looking huge bookcase. So I saved to be able to buy 4 Billy bookcase from Ikea (I will let you know which ones), and worked just a bit to make it.

I bought them at Ikea, because they have extensions for the top. I know Menards are selling some and it would have been fine maybe but I really wanted this already made perfect to fit extensions.

So I did my bookshelf with 2 Billy skinny , 2 Billy  , 2 Billy extensions skinny, and 2 billy extensions.


Here are the steps 🙂

My wall is not in between 2 other walls. And I am doing this by myself, without the help of anybody (a husband or a friend).

First thing first open the first bookshelf … 🙂 I decided to leave some space between the wall and the bookshelves as the wall frame did not come out easy. I just secured the big bookshelf at the end on the wall.





Opening and building all the 4 bookshelves. I was not certain of the pattern I did want but after seeing it on my wall I did decide big-skinny-skinny-big.



I had to change my vent to a flat one. Then I did cut into the back board of the bookshelf to not block the vent.


I did leave a space between the bookcases. To make them the same and constant separation I did nail some pieces of wood between the spaces.IMG_0785IMG_0786

Then I did build and add the extensions on the top of the book cases. The right one was build incorrectly as you can see, but it does not matter because my goal is to cover the top anyways.

So I did buy some pieces of work to cover the gap between the shelves making them look more sturdy. They will be painted of course.I just did nail them onto the edges of the bookshelves

IMG_0787 IMG_0788 IMG_0789 IMG_0791

I did add a bottom piece also to make it look finish. It is way larger than it should but it is ok.


I also did add a thin 1″ trim in the middle of the shelf to add a bit of a custom look. And also on each sides left and right.


And paint

IMG_0795 IMG_0796


And yeah !!! Accident !!! Exactly what you want while you start painting !


Not everybody cared about my spill though


Back to business…. I wanted to add a crown on the top. And I inserted a light rope on the top to make the top glow at night !!!

IMG_0806 IMG_0807 IMG_0808 IMG_0809


Almost done !!!


And… done !!!

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